Online Slot Review: Pulsar

Pulsar Slot: How to Get Started

Space-themed slot with a 35 game grid and 20 fixed paylines is RealTime Gaming’s next foray into the cosmos. Newcomers to this hypnotic space slot will quickly learn that the goal is to destroy as many stars as possible in order to trigger a cascade of winning combinations.

This game’s alternate neutron star feature introduces players to an infinite number of exciting possibilities. Despite the lack of jackpots, Pulsar still offers a chance at a substantial payout, with a maximum payout of 150 times your wager.

Read on for more information on the cascading explosive winnings feature in Pulsar, and then go over to the MobileCasinoParty Pulsar slot review, where we clarify all you need to know about this ground-breaking slot machine from the stars.

The Game’s Layout

When you first start playing Pulsar, the most striking difference you’ll notice is how differently it’s laid out and constructed compared to other games. Although there are five reels, the playing area is more like a grid.

You’ve probably figured out by now that this slot machine game has a space theme, with a cosmic design and planets standing in for the slot symbols.

This slot machine relies solely on its core gameplay to keep players engaged, as it lacks both jackpots and extra features. When playing Pulsar, players will be on the lookout for eight distinct symbols; nevertheless, it might be confusing to determine which symbols or planets are the best because there does not seem to be a logical order among them.

Planet size, little, brown

Little planet with a big bang


Tiny, bright, and blue, the planet

tiny planet made entirely of molten lava

Roughly the size of Saturn, and a deep blue color.

a colossal, brownish planet (similar to Jupiter)


Neutron stars are the last piece of information you’ll need about the design; they come in four different hues (green, blue, pink, and red) and can have a number from one to three associated with them. Remember these names, since they are going to be big in the review of bonus features.

Slot Machine Music and Sounds

Look, the inspiration for Pulsar is some very electro (or electric) music.

It has the feel and sound of a top-tier techno dance music, and it’s rather lengthy before it repeats. The music is so good that we really believed it was left on by accident for a while before we realized it was part of the game.

The alien spacecraft and laser noises in the ambiance really set the mood for an unsettling space adventure. Overall, Pulsar has fantastic music and sound effects. Even the neutron star explosions sound fantastic without becoming annoying, allowing for extended playing sessions.

We at MobileCasinoParty give it ten out of ten.

Unique Characteristics

As counterintuitive as it may appear, Pulsar is surprisingly straightforward despite its apparent complexity. The game’s one distinguishing feature, the neutron stars cascading winnings feature, may be perplexing on its own without the absence of standard wilds and scatters.

The four neutron stars with numbers in them are represented by the green, blue, pink, and red symbols. When these stars emerge, they can be anywhere on the grid, and with each spin, the number inside decreases by one until it hits zero, at which point the star explodes and is replaced with a random symbol.

Now, these varying hued stars each have their own explosion radius, and the blast itself can substitute for neutron stars, giving them a detrimental influence on your gameplay. Some examples of these blast patterns are as follows:

The effects of green stars extend one space to the left and right.

One level above and below are affected by the blue star.

As the green and blue explosion are coupled, the pink star will influence all four neighboring sides.

A red star’s effect is limited to the four neighboring corners; in a 3×3 grid, these are the cells that were spared by the pink star’s explosion.

It’s not as complicated as it seems once you get your head around neutron stars. If the symbols that replace the explosions result in a winning combination, the payoff is given, and the symbols are replaced once again, creating the chance of cascading winnings. This will keep happening until there is no winning combination.

The Pulsar Slot, As We See It

While we had a hard time keeping track of which planets were associated with the bigger prizes at first, this slot quickly became one of our favorites as we learned the symbols. Despite the game’s lack of progressive jackpots, we had fun playing it and came away with a few small wins from as little as a $2 wager.

The neutron star function is top-notch, and it really amps you up when you string together a few consecutive victories to go with your neutron explosion. Pulsar is a lot of fun as it is, but it would be much better if it included a bonus round or free spins option with less random number generation.

The game’s soundtrack and sound effects were the highlights for us. The developers at RealTime Gaming did a great job with the sound design, as a slot machine without many features may quickly get boring due to repetitious music.

The cascading neutron star feature in Pulsar is something you should definitely check out.

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