Curator/EXHIBITOR Maksut Vezgishi, Pavilion Of The Republic Of Kosovo. Earth is Home / The role of urbanization is to create sustainable environments that bond humans with Nature and it is part of planetary biodiversity. Hence, this is the noblest mission of architecture. Global urbanization is in expansion: population growth, constructions of megastructures (housing, economy, communications, etc.). The process involves countries and societies where every decision—making has a global impact, thus lack of sustainable planning places Earth at risk. The most acute issue is the global warming crisis. We lack the awareness and coordinated actions in order to avoid the effects of climate disaster. Today we learned that no human action can be viewed as an individual anymore.


…Now, however, Nimani’s work is taking on new meaning. After taking photographs for more than a decade, the artist owns an archive of hundreds of images which document Prishtina’s rapidly changing appearance. His paintings also mirror the city’s urban transformation. “In the 70s and 80s Prishtina was rebuilt, replacing traditional architecture with modernist buildings. Today, something similar is happening. Some of those buildings which I photographed don’t exist anymore. They are slowly disappearing and we are losing a part of our cultural heritage” says Nimani. And yet, it is in this destruction that Nimani’s paintings become a form of artistic resistance. Through repetition of painting figures from the past the artist refuses to allow their disappearance from collective memory. He rather points to their very existence./Seda Yildiz. 2020. Hamburg..